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Our belief in the right of everyone to enjoy a healthy and happy life, and our desire to cultivate a smile and contentment for everyone. Our destination started in 2005 to start a happy story whose chapters are still continuing today.


We at Al-Hayat provide you with the finest health products carefully selected, which have proven effective in promoting public health and overcoming the most prominent problems related to intimacy in general. Our eagerness to satisfy our customers and their trust in our services has contributed to making green life one of the most prominent companies working in the field of health products at the region level, the range of our services includes all countries of the world with the possibility of free delivery locally. Our representatives are also present in all Gulf countries in order to provide us with a prompt, high-quality service.


Satisfaction with us in obtaining the satisfaction of our customers and building bridges of trust with them, and because of our belief in the quality of our products and services, we spare no effort in providing alternative solutions to our customers that guarantee their complete satisfaction in accordance with tight strategies that put the interest of the customer above any consideration. Your satisfaction is our goal.

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