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How to get bigger bum

How to get bigger bum

A lot of women ask about how to get bigger bum naturally without surgery and operations that may cost a lot of money without achieving satisfactory results. Here are some natural methods and recipes that can help you achieve your dreams safely and without any risk.

How to get bigger bum naturally

How to get bigger buttocks naturally

Dates and milk recipe

First, you should take a bunch of dates and then mash well. Second, add some butter, a cup of boiling water and a cup of milk to the dates. Mix the ingredients well and drink the mixture two times daily, in the morning and at night. Repeat the process for 10days and you will see big difference.

Yeast Recipe

Mix a piece of yeast with a tablespoon of fenugreek powder. Also, add a tablespoon of olive oil and a cup of water. You will have a homogenous mixture. To know how to get bigger bum using this mixture, all you have to do is rubbing your buttocks with it and waiting for two hours. Then, you can wash it. By repeating this process daily you will get the bigger bum you wish.

2- How to get bigger buttocks fast naturally

Potatoes with tomatoes

Take one boiled potato, a grain of tomato, and a grain of onion.  Mince them well and add one teaspoon of pepper and half a teaspoon of salt. After that, add a piece of cheese and a cup of olive oil. Mix the ingredients well using the blender. In order to have bigger bum you should take this mixture daily for at least 10 consecutive days.

Fenugreek and honey

You can prepare this mixture by bringing one cup of water. Then, add to it a tablespoon of fenugreek powder, a tablespoon of honey, and a teaspoon of raisin. Next, mix the previous ingredients well using the blender until you get a cohesive mixture. You should take this mixture every day for 10 consecutive days to get bigger bum.

How to get bigger bum

3- How to get bigger bum naturally fast

There are some foods that can help to enlarge the size of the buttocks, including:

Red pepper:

It contains vitamin C, which helps in building tissues in the body, especially the tissues of the buttocks.

Eggs: Eggs contain omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D, thus help forming the muscle tissue in the human body. Therefore, it is preferable to eat eggs on a continuous basis, but taking care not to eat much of eggs to avoid increasing cholesterol rate in the body.


The peel of cucumber contains vitamins that help shape the muscles of the body, so you should not peel cucumber when eating it.


Raisins are very useful foods in the process of enlarging the buttocks, so it is advisable to take some daily.


You can take 3 bananas a day to increase the size of your buttocks.

How to get bigger bum in no time

If you want to know how to get bigger bum in no time, you should follow these tips. First of all, you should always take rest and reduce your movement: as the body muscles begin to grow in the rest period (especially at bedtime and sitting for long hours). Massage the buttocks continuously to help enlarging their size. Also, try to eat complex sugars (such as brown rice) instead of simple sugars (such as white sugar).

4- Wider hips workout before and after

Sit on the buttocks and extend your legs forward. Then crawl with the help of the feet. This exercise will show amazing results in a week.

The squatting exercise is considered the best exercise that can be used to get wider hips. To practice this exercise you have to stand so that the shoulders are parallel to the feet. Then, carry the dumbbells and then bend the knees and sit making the hips parallel to the ground for ten seconds. After that, you go back to the first position and repeat the exercise ten to twelve times divided into three groups.

5- How to get bigger hips naturally

Olive oil mixture

Mix three tablespoons of olive oil with two tablespoons of fenugreek oil. Then, massage the area of the hips in circular movements for 30 minutes. Next, wash your body with warm water. Repeat this mixture twice a week for a month to get the best results.

Sesame and honey

Take two tablespoons of sesame seeds and then add them to a large tablespoon of honey. Mix them well until the mixture is cohesive. Take the recipe once in the morning and once in the evening and repeat that process for 10 consecutive days, and you will get very satisfactory results.

6- How to get wider hips fast

The oils mixture helps in getting wider hips fast. All you have to do is mixing equal amounts of nigella sativa oil, rosemary oil and feugreek oil. Rub your hips regularly with a small amount of this mixture and leave it for 6 hours. Repeat the process every day and you will get fast and amazing results.

How to get bigger bum using Maxi Cire Cream

Maxi CireCream is the best product you can use to get bigger bum safely and naturally. It is made of 100% natural elements do that you can use it without fear of any side effects.How to get bigger bum using this cream? All you have to do is applying this cream regularly and you will notice the difference in a short time. This product is completely guaranteed, and you can back your money in 60 days.

We have mentioned how to get bigger bum using some recipes and mixtures as well as using Maxi Cire Cream. If you want to get bigger bum easily and quickly without any effort, then Maxi Cire Cream will be the best choice for you. It will give you great and amazing results you dream of in no time.

لاجٌ "ثوريٌّ" للضعف الجنسي عند الرجال!

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