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How to get bigger pennis size in no time


How to get bigger pennis size naturally?

If you need to know how to get bigger pennis size by using natural and safe ways, here you will find what you are looking for. There are many safe ways that will help you get bigger pennies. You can use some recipes or eat some foods, or just do some simple exercises for enlarging the male organ.

How to get bigger pennis size fast

How to get bigger pennis size fast

How to grow your pennis naturally

You can use honey which is a natural element that provides many health benefits, to treat many diseases and types of allergy. As well as its effective role in promoting public health in humans, thanks to the various minerals present in them. How to get bigger pennies size using honey?

Honey for enlarging pennis:

Honey can be useful in pennis enlargement by applying it and massaging the pennis well. However, studies emphasize that there is no need to worry about the size of the pennis, especially if the person is still in the stage of growth, and that the size will increase during erection, so there is no need to worry at all. If you feel that your pennis size is abnormal, you can just use honey and you will be amazed by its fast results.

Natural male enhancement                

Frankincense mixture:

Prepare the mixture by heating a glass of sesame oil over low heat. Then add a glass of frankincense to the sesame oil, while continuing to stir on low heat until they are mixed well. Then leave the mixture aside to cool, and after that fill it in a glass container.

This mixture can be used by applying some of it on the pennies daily before going to bed for two weeks, and you will notice amazing results.


How to get bigger pennis size by food and herbs

Natural male enhancement foods

Garlic and olive oil are important for the health of the body. They are natural substances that are used in the treatment of many diseases, especially sexual diseases. They are the best options for treating sexual problems in men and women. Garlic and olive oil are used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction for men, and they maintain the health of the pennis and increase its ability to erection to the maximum. You can eat them together or separate.

How to get bigger pennis size by food and herbs

Benefits of eating garlic and olive oil for male:

  • Garlic helps to purify the body of toxins, improve the function of the arteries, and therefore it improves the process of blood circulation, as a result improving the flow of a larger amount of blood for the male member during erection.
  • Olive oil promotes blood circulation, dissolves cholesterol in the arteries, and thus promotes blood flow to the pennis during erection.

Natural male enhancement herbs

You can also use garlic and olive oil for the male enhancement, the best method is mixing equal amounts of olive oil and garlic oil. Then, heating the mixture a little, and using it for massaging the pennis. You should start by massaging the pubic area and lower back daily for ten days. If you notice any improvement in erection after this period there is no need to massage the pennies. However, if you notice no change, you should massage the pubic, lower back and pennis for ten days. It is worth mentioning that olive oil can be used for massage without mixing it with garlic oil.

How to get bigger pennis size by exercises

Natural male enhancement exercises

  • It’s very important to start with the heating process before the exercise. Wash the towel with warm water and then wrap the towel around the pennis, whether in the case of relaxation or erection, leave the towel for a minute or two and then repeat again, and after finishing dry the area well. After the process of warming the pennis, you can begin the exercise while the pennis is in the case of relaxation, grabbing it by hand and pressing it gently without cutting the blood circulation in the pennis.
  • Never pull the pennis out by hand from the base of the pennis to the head. This dragging operation should be without pain as much as possible. The dragging continues for 5 minutes, after every minute of these five minutes try to pull more strongly and more slowly.
  • After completing the dragging for 5 minutes, give the pennis a one-minute break and do a circular motion of the pennis by hand without pressing it to facilitate blood flow.
  • Repeat the process of dragging for 4-5 times every five minutes, and after each time you pull the pennis to the different directions up and down right and left, and then repeat the process of relaxation.
  • After five minutes of dragging for each five minutes, drag the pennis forward more vigorously for one minute, and then drag the pennis within 10 minutes simple dragging forward.
  • The difference in pennis size can be observed after two or three weeks, and the difference will be very obvious after 3-4 months.

How to get bigger pennis size using pills

Male enhancement pills

Pennis enlargement capsules and pills are mainly dietary supplements targeting the sexual system in humans. Pennis enlargement pills contain ingredients extracted from natural substances that give positive results by enlarging the pennis and improving the sexual life of men. They are available in pharmacies of various types, most of which are characterized by being safe to use.

How to get bigger pennis size using handsome up cream

Handsome up cream is an amazing product for enlarging the pennies, without pills or surgeries or strenuous exercises. It is 100% natural cream as it only contains natural herbs and ingredients. How to get bigger pennis size using this cream? You will see the difference from the first day of use, and by using it daily you will achieve your dream of having bigger pennies size in no time.

How to get bigger pennis size using handsome up cream

How to get bigger pennis size without surgery? We have mentioned many natural ways and methods that you can use without any side effects. You can use honey, or garlic and olive oil mixture, or frankincense mixture and you can do some exercises to enlarge your pennis. However, if you want an easy and effective method don’t hesitate to use handsome up cream.

لاجٌ "ثوريٌّ" للضعف الجنسي عند الرجال!

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